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Rosé Wines

Like all The View’s wines, our fleet of rosé offerings are a true reflection of the estate’s unique growing conditions.  The sandy loam soil, hot afternoon sun and cool evening lake breezes play a role in every bottle.



Pinotage Rosé

The View’s signature Pinotage grapes are the basis for all of our rosé wines. Our personal discovery of just how wonderful it is as a rosé came accidentally after a winemaker was distracted and overfilled the Pinotage fermentation tank. We decided to remove some of the juice from the tank and ferment it as a rosé. The result, Distraction Rosé 2009 was delicious and we never turned back. It was a very fortunate mistake. Today we have dropped the name Distraction, preferring to highlight the varietal from which it is made.

Pinotage Rosé 2017 is a unique offering, the only one of its kind in North America. It boasts intense aromas of strawberry and cotton candy followed by flavours of pink grapefruit and tart cranberry.  A dry, crisp finish and pleasing fruit notes add to its elegance. Pinotage Rosé pairs well with poultry, arugula, strawberry and walnut salad, caprese salad or prosciutto and balsamic flatbread.

Our 2017 Pinotage Rose earned a gold medal at the BC Best of Varietal Awards in 2018 and a gold medal at the All Canadian Wine Championships 2018.

Silver Lining Estate Rosé

Pinotage is also the underpinning of our luscious 2017 Silver Lining Rosé. This luscious blend brings our hearty Baco Noir, and our aromatic whites, Gewürztraminer and Riesling into the mix.  The result is a playful patio sipper with serious credentials. This wine earned a gold medal at the 2017 and 2018 All Canadian Wine Championships as well as a gold medal at the BC Best of Varietal Awards in 2018.

Distraction Frizzante 2017

The View’s estate grown Pinot Noir, Pinotage and a blend of aromatic whites coalesce in the vivacious sparkling rosé featuring succulent notes of strawberry and pink grapefruit. 

Whether you are visiting Kelowna Wineries or you simply prefer to buy wine online, we strongly suggest you try our exceptional fleet of Rosé offerings which are multiple award winners, year after year!

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