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BLING Sparkling Wine In A Can

If you like bubbly, draw a circle around The View on your Okanagan maps for wine tours because we have something different.


The View Winery was the first in British Columbia to put sparkling wine in a can, and it’s been a huge success.  For some loyal devotees its the only reason they need to mark the View on their Kelowna winery map.  And it’s just as popular with those who like to buy wine online.  Now you don't need to commit to an entire bottle of sparking wine to enjoy a drink.  And with the six-pack packaging it’s suitable take with you where a bottle of wine would be more out of place.


Bling is the revolutionary product that’s a marriage between the bottle of bubbly and the six pack. One day while we were operating our canning line for our Wards Hard Cider, the thought occurred:  Why not put some bubbly in cans?  it’s an incredible value, working out to less than five dollars per 750 ml (the volume of a normal bottle of wine)


Crisp. Refreshing. Truly a sparkling gem! Pretty in pink, our Bling! Rosé is made from 100 percent estate grown Pinotage, Ehrenfelser and Gewürztraminer grapes, lovingly drenched by the Okanagan sun.  It dazzles with fresh notes of berry fruits and melon.  Pink Bling is delicious and fun.


White Bling is also made from 100 % estate grown Gewürztraminer, Ehrenfelser and Riesling grapes, lovingly drenched by the Okanagan sun.  It dazzles with fresh notes of berry fruits and melon.


We are excited about our first traditional Brut which is in the bottle and waiting to be unveiled in the summer of 2018. .  We’re calling it “Pearls” the name inspired by bubbles that can be seen tracing their way to the surface.


The packaging for Bling is unapologetically feminine and it was a hit with our female clientele from the beginning, but it's increasingly popular with men as well.  Is it time for a well dressed man to make an appearance beside the elegant lady on the can?  We'll see.