Vine Tying at the View Winery
Vine Tying at The View Winery in Kelowna
April 19, 2017
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May 8, 2017

Get to Know The View Winery in Kelowna BC

Kelowna winery for tasting


We Have Soul at The View Winery Kelowna BC

We have a different energy here, this building for instance has soul; I feel it as soon as I walk in the building, I smell it, I see it, I hear it, the way the wood floors creak even. It’s charming, and we just invite people to spill right into the cellar.  We even do tastings right in the cellar and if somebody’s working in the cellar with the wines, then so be it; people get to see that action going on.   


I’m Jennifer Molgat, and I’m President of The View Winery.


I’m Kristy French, I’m one of the wine makers here at The View Winery.  There’s nothing glorified about pumping liquid through a hose or a pump, BUT, if you do it correctly at the right time and love and nurture it along the way you can make it into a beautiful, romantic final product.


My name’s Mike Anderson, and I’m one of two wine makers here at The View Winery.  We’ll go through and taste through barrels on a sort of schedule every week, we just sort of taste them to see how they are progressing, trying to determine, are we liking this oak this year?  Are we liking this lot?


This year especially, it was great having Mike and myself here during the fermentation process.  So we would be down here with our “babies” as we call them, tasting them every single day, often a couple of times a day.  And we’re actually, every day the ferment’s changing and we’re like “OOOh this wine tastes like THIS today”, or the next day it can taste completely different and we’ll often do a little blending and brainstorming as we’re tasting through the ferments. 

It all starts out in the vineyard here.  My name is Jasvir Sidhu and I am the Vineyard Manager at The View Winery.  It’s been pretty cold lately and this year if we do have a little bit of damage it’s just going to be just a low-crop year which is probably, I think it’s going to be best for the quality.


It’s actually cool climate, it’s actually nice having a balance of the sugars and the acids progressing along at a slow pace where the flavours are actually healthy as well.


I’m from Australia so I’m used to those big, giant reds and they’re like luscious and huge but I actually prefer a lot of the BC Whites because they get cool in the evenings, they maintain their acidity. 


We want people to feel that authentic, wine-making experience.  We want them to smell it, we want them to see the wine-makers in the cellar.  The iconic red shoe has become very well known and there’s a very fun story behind it, but I guess you’ll have to come into the wineshop to hear that story.





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