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February 28, 2017
Vine Tying at the View Winery
Vine Tying at The View Winery in Kelowna
April 19, 2017

Cold Stabilization at The View Winery with Kristy French

Kelowna Wines Cold Stabilization

Have you ever seen frosty tanks in a winery?  Wonder what is happening?  Watch as winemaker Kristy French explains the process of cold stabilization, how it works and what it does for the wine.

 Kristy French explains the process of cold stabilization


Hi I’m Kristy French, I’m one of the wine makers here at The View Winery.  Today I’m going to talk to you about Cold Stabilization.  That is why this tank behind me looks all white and frosty.  What we’re doing is we’re chilling this wine down to below zero.  We do this by passing glycol around the edge of the tank and that’s why you see this concentrated ice formation right here.  We hold the wine at zero or below zero, we actually target about minus four for about a month, and this is to force the formation of tartaric crystals.  We want this to occur in-tank so that it doesn’t occur in bottling afterwards because we don’t want the consumer to open up a bottle of wine and see all these little bits of crystal or precipitate in there which they might think is shards of glass.  So what’s actually happening inside here is tartaric acid is the main acid in grapes that are used for wine making and as it goes through alcoholic fermentation and is exposed to lower temperatures, this actually causes super-saturation of the liquid and it forms precipitation which are your tartaric crystals or “wine diamonds” as people call them.  So we do this in the wine-making process in order to prevent it happening in the consumer’s house when they put it in the refrigerator.

Learn more about Cold Stabilization  

We are very open here at the View Winery and we’d love for you to come for a visit.  Our cellar is always open if you’d like to come down and learn more about cold stabilization, taste some of our wonderful wines and our 2016 vintages, come on down and we’d be happy to talk to you then.



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